Come to Listen, Come to See

Come to Listen, Come to See was an open studio project as a Visual Artist Fellow at the Center For Emerging Visual Artists, Philadelphia. Shwarga Bhattacharjee transformed Cfeva's gallery into his studio. Taking advantage of the space, Shwarga exhibited large-scale paintings and collaborative and immersive work.

As part of his Open Studio, Shwarga invited audiences to his studio for a series of scheduled readings and discussions. For the event, Shwarga collaborated with Atif Sheikh (Moderator), Mehrin (Mir) Masud Elias, and Ahmad Qais Munhazim. During the event, Mir and Qais read their poems. Shwarga facilitated the platform to expand the dialogue, using their compelling narratives as catalysts to explore interconnected themes of identity, borders, migration, politics, and other pertinent societal issues.