In Medias Res(idency)

In Medias Res(idency) group exhibition featured works by the artists as part of the inaugural The Philadelphia Residency (TPR) established by Twelve Gates Arts. The show's title is a Latin phrase that means "in the middle of things," and it captures the spirit of this show of work by the three artists. The word "media" in the show's title gestures to the various practices on display: everything from installations and painting to sculpture and video work. Curated by Alpesh Kantilal Patel, this exhibition is an opportunity to mark a moment - the completion of the six-month program - and to present their work so that there can be a fruitful conversation with the community. The artists have generously allowed for work at different stages - some complete and others still in formation - to be installed in the gallery.

Atelier Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, 2023